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jDM is a download accelerator and manager for macOS that utilizes dynamic segmentation to boost download speed.

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Requires macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later

Integrate jDM with your favorite browser

Download Interception

The jDM extensions for Google Chrome & Firefox replace your browser download manager with jDM by intercepting downloads started in your browser and sending them to jDM.

You can configure this extension to intercept all downloads, downloads with specified file types or none at all.

You can also specify domain names under “Do not catch downloads from sites” to allow your browser to proceed with downloads normally for specific websites.

Press and hold “alt” key when sending downloads to jDM to bypass showing new task window.

jDM Extension Settings

Context Menu Items

jDM extensions add three context menu items in your browser to allow you to easily start one or more downloads from any website you visit.

  • Download with jDM” sends the clicked link to jDM.
  • Download Selected with jDM” sends all the links present in the selection to jDM.
  • Download All with jDM” sends all the links present on the current page of the website to jDM.
Send downloads to jDM using context menu

Streaming Media

The Google Chrome & Firefox extensions can find streaming media (audio/video files) that you play on websites. The extension may send requests to those websites to get information about streaming media.

This feature can be disabled by unchecking “Find streaming media” option in settings pane of the extension.

You can access all media streams that are found, to send them to jDM, from the extension's icon in the browser toolbar that also shows number of media found so far.

By using “jDM Extensions” and “Streaming Media” feature, you agree with our disclaimer.

Download videos with jDM
jDM Built for Privacy

Built for Privacy

When you use jDM extensions to download files with jDM Mac app from your browser; the extensions send “referrer”, “cookies”, “URLs” and which browser you are using to jDM Mac app. jDM stores all of this information on your device and uses cookies just for authentication with specified websites.

Safari Extension

Safari 12.0 or later

This extension only adds context menu items to Safari browser. It does not capture downloads automatically. To install this extension, Please goto: Safari > Settings > Extensions and enable jDM extension.

Earlier Safari versions

This extension should capture almost all downloads according to “File Types” specified in extension settings.

You can also specify domain names under “Do not catch downloads from sites” to allow your browser to proceed with downloads normally for those sites.

To install this extension, please download this extension. Locate downloaded file in Finder and double click to open it. Click on “Install” button.

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