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The native Mac download manager

jDM is a download accelerator and manager for macOS that utilizes dynamic segmentation to boost download speed.

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Requires macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later
jDM download manager for Mac

Dynamic Segmentation

jDM adds connections dynamically instead of creating segments just before download starts. New segments are added depending on the download speed and remaining file size. It adds new segments when one or more connections finish downloading. Dynamic segmentation provides significant performance improvements especially for large files.

Download files faster with dynamic segmentation

Browsers Integration

Use jDM Extensions to catch downloads with just one click in your browser. When you start a download in your browser jDM intercepts it and starts downloading in the app.

jDM also adds “Download with jDM”, ”Download Selected with jDM” and ”Download All with jDM” context menu items in the browser to easily add multiple downloads.

Grab Websites

Download websites to your local directory for offline browsing. jDM explores the website and shows all files that are found on the server. You can choose the files you wish to download. jDM creates a group for these files and downloads them.

Grab websites with jDM on Mac
Automatic resume for downloads

Resume Downloads

jDM supports resuming downloads from where they left off. Automatic resume for timed out downloads is supported. You can configure jDM to keep retrying the failed downloads for some specific number of times after some time interval.

jDM can resume interrupted downloads that cannot be completed due to network problems, connection lost, computer shut downs etc. jDM supports FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols, redirects & authorization.

Faster Downloads

Accelerate Downloads

jDM can split downloads in up to 32 threads to use all available bandwidth and increases download speed dramatically.

Download Authentication

Authenticate Downloads

jDM supports authentication with username and password, and cookies. jDM can automatically apply cookies and passwords saved in “Authentication” settings on downloads according to different hosts.

Finder Tags

Finder Tags

jDM can automatically add Finder tags to successfully downloaded files according to the download categories as defined in the “Directories” settings. You can also specify Finder tags in the new task windows.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

You can simply drag & drop or copy & paste text containing links or plain text files in the main window and jDM will find all URLs in that and add downloads. You can also drag & drop finished downloads out of jDM to open them.

Schedule Downloads

Schedule Downloads

jDM can be configured to automatically start and stop downloading selected files at specific time. After completing all downloads or ending the schedule, jDM can shut down or put your Mac on sleep mode.

Proxy for downloads


By default jDM uses proxies configured in system settings, but you can also configure HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5 proxies in settings to just use with jDM. You can also exclude specific domains from using proxy.

Organize Downloads

You can create download categories in jDM Settings to save files in different directories according to file types. These categories can be used to filter downloads in jDM's main window.

jDM shows these categories in new task windows and inspector window to allow you to quickly move files.

Organize Downloads
jDM Built for Privacy

Built for Privacy

jDM does not collect any data about your downloads, authentications etc. jDM stores all of your data on your device and uses credentials and cookies just for authentication with specified websites.

Best downloader for Mac

Best Download Manager for Mac

jDM is a beautifully designed application for Mac that provides great power over your downloads. It comes with various useful settings for best download experience. jDM is fully compatible with latest version of macOS.

Download on App Store
Requires macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later

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